What If I Offered You The Secrets Of

Quickly Building Targeted Communities Of Rabid Fans

...While Engaging Prospects And Customers More Effectively?

I'm not a big fan of this whole "writing sales copy" thing, but I've been working on this for a good long while - and I'm about to make you one hell of an offer, which you are never going to see here or anywhere else ever again.

Plus, I'm going to tell you the key element of the entire thing right here on this page, if you pay attention. This core understanding alone will make it easier for you to engage with your existing audience, and get better results from your interactions... whatever results you may be after.

For more than fifteen years, I've been interested in the way communities form and develop - initially in games, like Ultima Online and Everquest and eventually World of Warcraft. Later, I'd become interested in professional communities, like the open source world or political movements. And eventually, I'd move to marketing and promoting my products and services through forums. 

But what really made the difference was when about three years ago, I took my entire business to social media.

Now, it may be hard to believe, because I'm now the most prolific Facebook and Twitter poster among all of my friends... but when I started that process, I didn't know dick about social media.

All I knew was that the writing was on the wall; the old silos were falling into disrepair, and would be collapsing Real Soon Now.

And the only way out that I could see was through social media.

I had been running my business exclusively through forum special offers, and it was actually not that bad. Every time I put out a new product, I'd make a couple thousand dollars, but putting out those products was really time consuming and I had to make a new one every time I needed more money.

The money wasn't getting any better, and sometimes I'd put out a product that just didn't work - nobody bought, or not enough people bought, and I had to scramble to make up for it.

It was certainly not giving me the results I wanted. So I started playing around, moving my stuff over bit by bit. 

This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you how moving to social media immediately solved all my problems and you can do it too, but that's not how it happened

Things didn't get better for a long time. In fact, they got worse. And at one point, I wrote this huge rant about how fucked up this entire online information products industry really is and how everyone in it is a cocksucker.

I should probably mention at this point that I use a lot of profanity, and if you don't like that, I don't give a shit. 

But as I was saying, I was at rock bottom. Six months into a large-scale product launch, I'd sunk everything I had into it, and I'd gotten nowhere. Worse than nowhere - I was out the money for all kinds of graphics and services, and some cocksucker had cloned the product within hours of getting his affiliate review copy.

So, of course, all my cocksucker affiliates promoted his product instead. And most of my potential customers bought this cut-rate imitation of my product the day before my launch, so why did they need mine?

And that's when it hit me. 

There's this thing people say a lot, "the money's in the list." And then people go "no, no, it's in your relationship with the list." 

And it was just so Goddamn obvious when I thought about it. 

The money is in other people's pockets.

And when I started to think about my list as people, and about those people as being individuals, people with their own unique hopes and fears and goals and dreams... I realised that they were a community

In fact, they were a collection of concentric subcommunities, working exactly like an archery target - with a single focal point in the centre.

Read that last paragraph again. That's where you should have been paying attention, right there.

Now, I've been lucky enough to connect with a lot of influential people in my six years of running my business 100% online. If you just stand out and be smart, that's long enough to see a lot of people go from zero to eight figures, and if you've not been a jerk about anything you'll have powerful friends. 

So when I got around to building my community, I had a head start. I had plenty of smart and knowledgeable people to push on the Legion of Badass and give it clout. (And Klout, too.)

Today, that Facebook group forms 80% of my income, and that's going up - it will provide over 90% of it this month. It's not a big income; I'm not rich, and I certainly don't have a four-hour work week.

What I do have is a week that doesn't feel like work, and that pays my bills with room to spare.

It has essentially become my job to hang out with my friends on the internet.

And the fun part is, I know how to do that. I never have to worry about it, or be concerned that I won't get anywhere with it, or wonder if I'm going to somehow fail at hanging out with my friends.

I mean, honestly? Children can do that. How hard can it be?

A shocking amount of my time is spent just sharing silly or sexy pictures, and it works for me because I understand how to use those pictures as a refining tactic for deeper engagement.

Look at your average brand on Facebook - whether it's a large multinational one, or just a local business, or even a noncommercial fan page.

There are some that have a lot of engagement, and some that only have a little, but you'll notice something about the ones with a lot.

Everything they share has a theme, and that theme supports and confirms their brand identity.

The smaller ones, the ones with little or no post engagement - especially the ones who complain about it or beg for it - are shooting in the dark with unrelated crap.

They try to share what's trending and what's "now" instead of what's them.

Now, because I'm on Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter all day long - and you can check the dates and times of my posts if you don't believe me - I get to see all the shit people do wrong. I get to see all the shit people do right, too.

And because I'm connected with a lot of influencers, I get to see how the big boys are doing it... and what's working for them... and if I don't know why they're doing it, I can ask them.

Which I do. And a lot of that discussion happens in secret groups you don't even know exist - you might not know who runs a particular "organic living" fan page with eight million likes, and you may not ever be able to find out.

But I've seen the admin dashboard of that page, or one that's very like it, and I know how the owner's getting those likes and driving that engagement.

So I'm not going to stop with what works for me. I know what works in general, and I've boiled that down into a simple and easy-to-remember system that anyone can use to improve long-term business or personal results on social media.

And that's worth its weight in gold. Or it would be, if systems were physical objects that had weight. You know what I mean. Except I'm not going to charge you the price of gold, obviously. 

But before I tell you that, let me tell you how you can know whether this is for you.

  • This is not for anyone who is looking to make a lot of money fast or is having a major financial crisis. It's going to take time, especially if you're working to replace a full-time income, and even more so if you don't have any time to spend on it. 
  • This is not for anyone who is trying to avoid dealing with a lot of people. If you're a serious introvert and it exhausts you to talk with people, or you're a misanthrope who can't hold a civil conversation, it's not going to end well for you.
  • And it's not for anyone who expects to trick or fool their customers, then run away. There's a lot of time and energy invested in community building, so abandoning that effort isn't trivial. This is a long-term technique for people who intend to stay the course and go the distance.

But if you're willing to put in that time and effort...

  • You will be able to promote your goals effortlessly, with a crowd of people who need very little persuasion or convincing, so you can achieve those goals in a whole hell of a lot less time. 
  • You will dramatically reduce the expense of lead and customer acquisition, so you can build a larger audience with very little effort, raising every campaign's ROI substantially.
  • You will get slick as greased owl shit at networking, which will help you connect and engage with more influential people in less time, providing you with more leverage and better opportunities no matter what your goals.

For only $200, you can get the replay of this one-time-only live training session.

It's already insanely discounted. At this writing, I charge $250 for a half-hour Skype call, and that offer is not even open to the general public because clients fucking suck and I hate them.

Which makes this three-hour training session a $1,500 value even if you are in the tiny list of elite people who can book a coaching call.

And if you're not on that list, it's priceless, because you can't book a call at all.

Sometime within 24 hours of its conclusion, the price will double to $200.

If you're still reading at this point, you already know you want this, so go with your instincts and click the button. 

And if you're still strugging with social media, you're just going to keep struggling until you get someone who's been there and done that to show you the path to success. So make that commitment and get into this training. 


PS - You'll also get all my notes from the live training, for your own reference later. 



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