Fill Yuor Bucket Newsletter

If you need the usual sales pitch about this newsletter, you probably don't want it. It's basically intended for people who are already in the Legion of Badass on Facebook, you know who I am, and you want more... because you know what I post on Facebook is only a tiny part of what I'm up to and what I'm thinking about.

So I'm going to be weird and lay out three reasons why you might not want to subscribe to this newsletter.

I don't always get it out on time. The newsletter is supposed to go out every Friday, and it's dated that way, but more often than not it goes out on Sunday or Monday. Sometimes it's a week or two late and you get a couple issues at once.

It's not very polished. These aren't pre-written, vetted content that I write in advance and then send out when it's time. They're a raw, unvarnished window into what I'm thinking and doing right now - even when it's not the greatest idea.

The content is higher-level than usual. A lot of the stuff I think and write about for these newsletters is much more academic than what I post on Facebook or publish in products. The single most common reason people cancel their subscription (which isn't often) is that they are not smart enough to use the content. Hey, they say it, not me.

And now, of course, I have to give you three reasons you should subscribe.

It's great content. The major reason I end up being late with the newsletter isn't that I'm fuucking around or procrastinating, but that I want to deliver high quality. Right now, the newsletter weighs in at about ten pages a week, and filling ten pages with good shit instead of random crap isn't always easy and doesn't always happen on schedule.

It's a backstage pass to my process. I talk a lot about what's going on in my personal life and what I'm doing in my business, warts and all, because people have some fantasy that everything is easy and obvious in this online information marketing game. It's the real truth behind the curtain, and very few people will tell you any of it.

It's not available anywhere else. Even when the content of a newsletter makes it into a product, it will probably go through several rounds of editing first and be sanitised for the general public. The raw, original material is only available here... and most of that material will never, ever see the light of day in anything else. Largely because it's just too highbrow for most people.

It's just a small monthly fee of $20. Which is like, the price of a pizza and a six pack of decent beer. And once you have it, you have it forever, so you can go back and revisit it whenever you like. You can't do that with pizza and beer.

You'll also get my "SLOT Machines" report as a bonus, because I'd really like every single person on the newsletter subscription to have that report and read it. It's like, the bare minimum to "get" what I'm saying here. So you'll get that via instant download as soon as you subscribe. I'll also personally mail out the latest issue as soon as I get your subscription notification, to get you started off right.

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