DISCO Will Never Die

This is the DISCO Products live training session.

If you're not creating your own products, you need to start. Now.

I have made my entire living since 2009 by creating and selling my own products.

I'm not rich or anything, and to be perfectly honest the first several years were kind of shit.

But I've learned how to create products that you build once and continue to sell forever, and that's like, gold.

I'll let Brady Irvine tell you his take:

After some of Caliban’s past training, I have been quoted as saying “If you don’t buy all of this stuff, you’re retarded.”

Not only do I stand behind that statement, but I would like to expand on it. I’m sure I have gotten more value from Caliban’s random (free) posts on Facebook than I have from 90% of the marketing and product creation courses I have ever taken.

His stuff I’ve paid for takes that number to somewhere around 99%.

I don’t care if you hate bad language, and I don’t care how creepy you think he is, if you want easy to follow information arranged in a way that you can’t help but take action on, buy this immediately.

And then I'll let Laura Lang weigh in:

Everything I've read from Caliban's BADASS system demands the brilliance and experience of someone who has not only been around the block, but examined each step, taken an aerial shot, and now hangs on the corner dispensing addictive nuggets. These hits are far too easy to ingest and apply, which of course keeps me coming around over and over again.

You can expect me to swear like a sailor in this three-hour live training session on November 4th, 2015 - and drop a lot of F-bombs

It's an update and expansion of a previous training session I did in February, so you'll get the notes and replay from that session as well as this one.

You can also expect the price to double after the live session, so this is the cheapest you'll be able to get the updated training. It's also the last place you'll ever see the February training.

This is some truly BADASS training, so get in now before I jack up the price.

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