There's no "magic bullet" or "secret sauce," but...

If There Is One Skill You Must Have

To Run A Business Online,

This Is It.

In fact, you should have this skill before trying to do business at all.


I'm not a huge fan of long-winded sales pages, so let me just make this really brief.

I have here a fifty-page manual of how to write worth a shit.

That's pretty much the state of it. I curse a bit. You'll see some F-bombs. But mostly? I talk about what really matters when you have to write something.

This was going to be a much longer report, but the last half of it... you probably don't need it. It's the real deep magic stuff about how to write epic stories. But as a general rule, you are probably going to use this so you can write blog posts, articles, and products.

You don't need an epic story for that. I do give you a basic rundown of three-act structure. That's enough for most purposes.

I also wanted to put this into your hands at a lower price than the "epic story" report demands.

See, there's this thing about price; it's not about the value of the information.

The value of this information is effectively infinite. Once you have a solid handle on this technique, you can write articles and blog posts and products all Goddamn day.

If you spend one week making a tenth of what I did writing articles in 2009, that's over a hundred bucks.

No, I'm not going to charge you a hundred bucks for this report. That would be fucking insane.

Besides, you look for a good ROI on your products, right?

I look for at least 250% return. I should make my money back, and then double my money, and then make half again what I invested.

But I digress. Let's talk about the product, shall we? 

It's called Bullets to Books. Here's a fake 3D version of what it would look like if it was an actual physical book, which it isn't because you can't download paper. 


Isn't that pretty? I think it's pretty. Too bad it's like, fake, and shit.


Holy Fuck That Is Awesome Buy It Right Now.

Now, what I am supposed to do here is manipulate you into believing that you totally have got to have this thing or your life will suck infected monkey balls. 

Except you kind of don't. I mean, any jackhole can write. Any jackhole can write a book, even. It's just words on paper. Anyone can do it. 

And in general, anyone does. Take a look at Amazon's Kindle store sometime, it's full of complete garbage written by anyone. Some of those anyones are my friends, and I have to tiptoe diplomatically around "your books suck shit" when they proudly point me at their latest... thing.

Now, what you really want... and if you're still reading, you know I have got some small knowledge on this subject... is the ability to write shit people actually want to read.

There are just a few basic tricks to this, and I could run them down for you pretty quickly. Write like you talk, don't sweat the details, and know what you're writing before you write it.

I used to sell a report on this back in 2010. It was called The .357 Article Method, but it was pretty heavily geared toward writing for article directories, and those kind of do suck infected monkey balls now. I mean, with the Google updates and shit. I have a friend whose six-figure income just collapsed into nothing with all these Panda or Woodchuck or whatever updates. Life is like that.

Which is why I took that report off the market, even though it was still selling at $35.70 (because 357, get it?) and I'd moved almost 200 copies of it. I made it into a free listbuilder bribe later, but honestly, we all know those bribes to build a list are bullshit anyway.

But anywho, where was I? Oh yeah. 

See, I made a big mistake in .357 which I should not have made. I focused almost exclusively on a single strategy for using what you write - which, you know, is good advice. People tell you that when you make a product. Single product, single problem, single solution. And for .357 I chose the problem of "I can't get accepted to article directories" and gave the solution to that.

But the thing is, that was the wrong problem.

The actual problem people needed solved was that they did not know how to write expository material effectively. 

Oh, that's a fancy phrase that means "explaining shit." I used it to remind you that I am smart and know big words because I am a writer.

What people were having trouble doing, and the reason they were getting rejected by the directories, was actually explaining something meaningful. They didn't know how to do that. And while I did explain how to do this in .357, I represented it as "how to get accepted" instead of "how to do a good job."

Which got me the wrong class of customers. It got me a bunch of fuckups who like taking shortcuts. I am not a fan of fuckups and shortcuts, because I believe in one core commandment of doing business anywhere at all:

Thou shalt do a good job.

And that's really the thing. If you want to do a good job, then good! I like people who want to do a good job. I want to help.

But I also have to be sure you're serious about it. 

Which means you need to be concerned about ROI, as I mentioned up above, but you also need to be prepared to invest in yourself.

And after giving it some thought, I decided a reasonable ROI to expect is about 500% - so since this information is worth at least $100 in profit within a few weeks, even if you read really fucking slow and sit around eating Froot Loops and watching Scooby-Doo most of the day, I've priced it at a simple 


P.S. Everybody knows the most important part of every sales letter is the PS, so I have to put one here and remind you that this product is awesome so buy it now.



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