Is Your Bucket Full?

Let me tell you something...

Minds always start empty.

You come into the world knowing basically nothing at all, and then over the years you just kind of pour everything you come across into your head. It's like a bucket - you fill it up, and then you have something in it that you can use to go out and do stuff.

For the past nine months, I've been doing a podcast, and at the beginning of the year I added a paid newsletter at $20 a month. It's weekly, comes out with the podcast, and dovetails nicely with the information there. But if you didn't sign up in time to get a given issue, you missed it, and it was gone forever.

Even older information has value.

One of the things I work pretty hard to do is make sure that no matter what it is I might talk about, I keep it not just timely, but something that will always be useful.

And today, I'm opening up the archives and putting the first three months of that newsletter up for open purchase. So it's no longer limited to the few people who signed up when the newsletter first came out.

You can have it, too.

Now, I do have this policy that prices only ever go up - so this isn't a discount on the newsletter. The archives, as they stand right now, were not available at any price unless you were one of the earliest subscribers.

And I know some people are put off by monthly memberships, for whatever reason, and would honestly rather get the newsletter in a larger package at a one-time cost.

This is for you.

It's the first three months of the newsletter, all in one package.

And as a special bonus, you get the podcasts that go with them, too. All packed up in one massive file, so you don't have to dig up the audio.

Subscribers paid $60 for this, and as I've already mentioned, prices only go up.

Get it now.

I won't be selling the archives at the same price forever, because the price of the newsletter is already headed for an increase.

I don't know exactly when, but I certainly don't intend to keep selling this kind of valuable insight for $20 a month.

I'm far more interested in a three-figure price tag.

But to keep the value high, I'm going to keep the investment low - just $7 over what subscribers paid:

Fill Yuor Bucket Newsletter Archive 1

PS - Yeah, I'm totally going to recommend you subscribe. Because you should. But if you're concerned about longevity and value, feel free to stick with just the archive for now, and come back to subscribe later.