This is a replay of the live training session from January 21, 2015.

So why should you attend the Black Stallion live training? 

Here I am using it in live chat with Tom Garman and Laura Lang to write an email on the fly.
[06 January 2015, 19:49]
Caliban Darklock: Like if I wanted to write an email right now, I'd just pull out my cards and dice and have at it
Tom Garman: I really should do it more, though. My market isn't IM, and these people aren't used to getting emails 50 times a day. When they get an email besides spam, it's usually something they want.
I sometimes forget not everyone goes through that same thing, and my "people" haven't a fucking clue as to what an autoresponder even is.
Caliban Darklock: Like right now I get four of hearts, six of diamonds
Laura Lang: Shit, I've actually got like 20k ... there's little rhyme and reason to them though. I'd have to work to segment them into usable lists and ... well, I just haven't.
It always seems like more fun to just sell more shit ... and get more email addresses.
Caliban Darklock: So I''m talking about customer awareness and telling a story about why you need the product
Tom Garman: The Gathering. Colin never emails either. At least not to my part of his list.
Laura Lang: Based on four of hearts and six of diamonds?
Caliban Darklock: And then I pull out a die and roll for my hook and it's general belonging
Tom Garman: Black Stallion.
Caliban Darklock: So it's like
Laura Lang: Speaking of Colin, [internal information redacted]. That's not a bad gig.
Caliban Darklock: If you're like me, it's hard for you to stay up to date on the various trends in (niche)
Tom Garman: I don't even know what they are.
Caliban Darklock: I have the same exact problem, and always have. In fact, I think EVERYONE has this problem.
So that's why I wanted to tell you about my friend Caleb, who used my Automatic Product Cash method to launch a $15,000 product when he was just sixteen.
Tom Garman: You're getting that by pulling 2 cards and rolling a die?
Caliban Darklock: Because just knowing it can be done might be the difference between you wishing you could do it, and actually doing it.
So here's a link to that story (link)
But if you feel like you already know this stuff, that's cool. You don't have to get your information from me, you can get it from anyone you like. But if you'd like to get it from a badass instead of a pussy, here's that link again.
Tom Garman: Again, that's a system I could actually use.
Caliban Darklock: It's butt-simple. It's all designed around patterns I just outright stole from Frank Kern?, Ben Settle?, and Colin Theriot?.
[06 January 2015, 19:56]
Wouldn't you like to write emails in about seven minutes?
Isn't that worth a couple hundred bucks?

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