One Is Never Enough

It takes a team.

Have you created your own products before?

If you've been in the online information game for very long, you've probably given it a shot.

But if you're like the average business owner - and, by definition, you probably are - you've struggled to get your customers to buy anything more.

You make that one sale, and then you're stuck throwing affiliate products out to your list... products that probably aren't very good, but you can't very well create new products every week.

Even if you did, you've probably got a folder full of products that just plain don't work anymore... not because there was anything wrong with them, but because the internet moves fast and most products aren't designed to last.

Now you can get The 4-H Product Line, the guide to linking products together that gets your products connected faster and better than anything else, and eliminates the one-shot product problem forever.

This 150-page report will teach you, step-by-step, what each of those products are... how they're different... and how to connect them into a coherent system that blows away your competition.

The 4-H Product Line solves the one-shot problem by attacking its core - and that's how it guides you through the process like never before.

The raw fact is, nobody has been teaching this... not even the top gurus and success coaches... because they leave you to figure it out on your own. But I knew that most people - people like you - needed these things to be said out loud.

Because the fact is, you need this.

You need to know what makes your low-ticket products lead customers to your high-ticket products...

You need to know how a free or almost-free product leads people to buy again...

You need to know how a good upsell can lead them back again...

You need to know how to go even farther to a live training or membership offer...

And this chain of products will drive more leads, more customers, and more profits than any single product ever could.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

There's Got To Be A Catch, Right?

You're right; the catch is that the price is going to go up, because I'm adding even more improvements to the system all the time - but right now, you'll lock in those improvements at the original price, even if I double or triple that price later.

And considering how difficult making a product line looks, you would probable expect to pay hundreds of dollars. After all, just one product can make you a thousand or more... so this system, which turns a single product into a whole series of products, must cost thousands. Right?

After all, I invested years of my life and thousands of dollars in developing this system by trial and error.

And when I did, I spent months developing the 4-H Product Line concept to make implementing that system easy.

It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to have me teach you in person or do this for you.

And it would cost even more to figure out the product line secret on your own.

Other similar products cost five or even ten thousand dollars to start, and as we mentioned earlier, they tend to go obsolete and out of date very quickly, turning into just another lump of data gathering dust on your hard drive.

But right now, as part of the limited time offer on this page, you won't pay thousands. You won't pay one thousand. You won't even pay hundreds.

Today, with this deal, you pay ONLY the industry-standard $47 price!

When I first started running my own business entirely online, I spent months writing articles at low per-word rates.

Later, I started writing entire products for them at flat rates for complete product packages.

And then I created my first product, which didn't do too badly, but once it was delivered... I had a problem.

What do I sell them next?

The obvious answer was to run off and create another product, but that takes time.

It takes me months to develop a product, even after I know what it is.

And coming up with the idea? That's not always something that happens overnight.

So what I needed was a way to take the product I just made... and turn it into additional products which I knew the people who already bought my product would want.

I tried a lot of different methods, but none of them really worked well from one product to the next.

I'd do well with one product, but badly with another, and I had to figure out why.

The amount of testing involved was high. It took time. And whenever one test didn't work as well as the last, I was losing money.

But solving the problem was the priority.

So I kept going.

There have been some lean times. Times when I wanted to give up. Times when I thought it was never going to work, no matter how hard I tried.

I pushed through. And it didn't mean overnight riches, because it never does - the push-button solution is a myth.

But what it did mean is that I can release products at multiple price points easily, so I can get to more of my audience and convert listeners to buyers.

It's a whole lot better than a day job.

And it only makes sense to get this method from someone who's using it and making it work, instead of trying all the different ways yourself and spending all that time and money doing it.

You know you're tired of doing the same old thing, and want to take things up a notch without a lot of extra work, so hit the button and get the tools you need to make it happen.

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